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By partnering with the Avexa Collective we are able to transform our unique and interactive space to host corporate training and development courses as well as teambuilding. Allow your company to enjoy a good time while learning lessons through games, working together, and mental and physical challenges.


Serial is a proud supporter of creative education. We realize that the standards have not been met in the traditional education format,

and we believe in making real-life experiences enjoyable and educational.

We work both as a group as well as solo to achieve the  most realistic business experience. Are you someone looking to start new business, further education, or hone leadership skills? Join us in our interactive learning format to create a better future.

Why Workshops?


We have used our experience working with professional teams to offer educational courses focused on business development and behavioral improvement.  Through interactive learning and team building, allow your company to enjoy a good time while developing the essential skills required for today's workplace.

Provide an environment for your team
where they can experiment and practice their skills with no consequences
2014 study says 52% of Americans listed active participation through hands-on training as the best learning method
Games help release a positive chemical reaction in your brain that helps improve learning

Games provide a flow and process to see how something occurs and evaluate the outcome

Adults grasp knowledge 75% through seeing, 13% hearing, and 12% touch, smell, and taste

Current Offerings

Interpersonal communication Workshop

This workshop uses games and role-playing to improve verbal and non-verbal cues, clarity of message, and tackles avoiding communication pitfalls. Have fun while improving your department!

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